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Body Attention Trainer


www.bodyattentionlab.com (work in progress)

XYZ Statement:

"Drawing from my lifelong personal experiences and my passion for guiding individuals towards self-realization, I find it incredibly inspiring to empower those struggling with limiting beliefs, familial, cultural, or religious expectations which prevents them from moving foward and pursue their own goals. Specific Niche topic: I work with frustrated snd exhausted women who prioritize the needs of others and put aside their own goals. With the modalities of the Grinberg Method my students learn to say BO without guil and regain energy to pursue their own goals"

Andrea Daxner

Self-actualization propels me forward in life, while the longing to belong to someone or a group remains a driving force. Growing up, I didn’t find this sense of belonging within my family, prompting me to liberate myself from their expectations and the confines of their middle-class lifestyle.

A pivotal moment occurred when my future mother-in-law imposed her vision of how my husband and I should structure our lives. Initially stunned, my subsequent anger compelled me to break free from her expectations and forge our own path. It became clear that her expectations were unhealthy, limiting, and simply not aligned with our values.
Even though this experience happened more than twenty years ago, its impact lingers. I remain vigilant against familial expectations and demands, keenly aware of their potential to stifle individual growth.

Interestingly, my husband, son, and I relocated to Oman five years into our marriage, immersing ourselves in a culture where family, or rather tribes, hold significant sway. Living there exposed me to the profound desire for belonging and protection within familial bonds, while also highlighting the constraints imposed by family dynamics on personal autonomy.

I’m passionate about teaching individuals who feel trapped by limiting beliefs, familial expectations, and cultural obligations. My mission is to guide them in breaking free from these constraints, empowering them to make their own choices, take responsibility, and live authentically according to their own desires.