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I was working with Demystifier of Grief - however, reverted back to Personal Coach, specializing in loss - very open to suggestions!



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Supporting entrepreneurs struggling to navigate the grieving process. I intuitively guide them in managing the transitions required as they find understanding & clarity, helping them reconnect to, their life of productivity, passion, and peace.

Anne DeButte

I started this year with enthusiasm and was full of vim and vigor as mum used to say.  My website was being updated, video’s created and was getting ready to host my 1st webinar.  Then I chose to bleach my dishcloths while doing a load of laundry and instead of standing there waiting for the water to reach the right level, I left to do something else – 2 1/2 hrs later, I went back to fold the dried clothes in the dryer.  Horror…… I was met with water running all over the carpet making its way to our sump pump.  (we live in the country).  Hubby was looking forward to watching the hockey playoffs, now instead, he was squeegeeing the carpet!

The house was in turmoil, my office turned into a storage area.  I relocated to the couch upstairs or the kitchen breakfast bar.  Alas, my creativity went underground.  My planning and good intentions screeched to a halt.  I was no longer posting to my facebook sites.  The ball was dropped.  We took our vacation to see our soon graduate in Victoria and hoped when we returned the basement would have been finished.  Not so.  We continued with our plans to upgrade our well, situated in the front of the yard.  Also in our wisdom, we decided to replace the old well pump that was noisy and colored bright blue.  Now, how we long from the blue pump to be returned.  We have since experienced 3 more floods related to the new pump.  

I believe I was going through my own grief.  I was living in fear of another flood.  I know when you are in fear this is coming from your amygdala. Your ancient part of the brain that is there to protect you from tigers and for some reason you are able to be in the part of the brain you required for creativity or planning.

Then, a wee email from Marisa popped into my inbox and I listened to what she had to say – her message ignited something within me and I said YES to this course.  This was just what I needed.  They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Well, that is exactly what happened.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun and anxious moments as my mind went blank at times attempting to come up with what to write for our homework.  I persevered, relistened to the videos until I got clarity and then posted my insights on the Start With You facebook page.  What a supportive Tribe Marisa has.

Having clarity about my big Whys has certainly helped me run the projects I want to accomplish through this lens.  Having so many ideas it felt good to dump or defer.  Freeing me up for those that ranked the highest on my failproof decision-making model.  Knowing that I need to have a sense of belonging and love, helps me understand myself much better why I enjoy working with others.

Since taking the course, I would say it has launched me once more, ignited my spark and has closed the gap from my amygdala to my prefrontal cortex.  The webinar I planned for earlier in the year is now coming to be a reality.  Next week it will make its debut.  Followed closely by me sharing my story at an event being held in downtown Ottawa.  Again, thanks to Marisa I have dusted and polished it off.  So I sure am celebrating on so many fronts.