Avi Waxman

I felt like I had reached an impasse, that it was time for a change, some inner reflection on my business practices and a re-evaluation of where I should direct my energy in the future.

Since I had been through several of Marisa Murgatroyd’s programs in the past, I was familiar with her comprehensive teaching style along with her ability to alter how I looked at situations which I was receptive to and welcomed.

During the introductory webinar, I resonated with the Start With You program’s initial messages and thought about enrolling.

The timing seemed all wrong for me to join the Start With You program.  I was scheduled to embark on a five week trip overseas and since I would have limited Internet connection, I hesitated to enroll.  Looking back I am glad that I decided to change my mind and go through this process sooner rather than later and found ways to work around my ability to engage online.

It seems that obstacles kept appearing forcing me to recommit to the program and make the time to complete each module and attend the live sessions.

Right before my trip, Hurricane Irma hit Florida and my workload increased dramatically; not to mention the psychological drain of interacting with people that were not sure if they would have a home, community or life to go back to after Irma arrived.

On the day of my departure, I arrived at the airport and was told that due to an incoming flight delay I would miss my connecting flight and the airline booked me on two later flights but that meant I would still be inflight and not be able to attend one of the live coaching calls.  

I took everything in stride and stayed focused on doing what I could, when I could.

While abroad I found it necessary to establish a workaround to keep up with the group.  It was easy since all of the content in the modules were available for download.  I used my connected time to access the “Start With You” website and obtained the videos, exercises and links to the required work in each lesson.  This allowed me to review the material offline and complete the work I signed up for.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the rest of the live coaching calls but benefited from the posts of the replays and was able to see aspects of myself in some of the coaching sessions I watched which proved to be extremely valuable in my growth process.

All of this information led to a transformation that contains a new clarity and focus based on my prior work experience so I definitely feel that I am continuing to build upon a foundation that was right in front of me but not completely recognized before going through the Start With You program.

Some unique features of this program are: the built in workshops that are included in each module and the various angles, presentations and questions that were reworded to ensure that the participant is not only mining their past but creating their future.  I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much this has allowed me to recreate my approach to business.

On two separate occasions, after going through the exercises I could not sleep and just needed to write and write and write all of the ideas and concepts that the module had inspired.  This happened because I was able to see my defining moments throughout my career via a new lens.

The journey I was taken on in the Start With You program began with an extremely internal look at all of my prior accomplishments and the pattern that emerged as well as the signs for my future application in the work environment.

After the sessions, I found that my conversations changed.  Conversations with myself and my conversations with others.  Soon I was witnessing an interest and negotiations with potential clients based on my new ability to express what I could do for them.

During this process, I picked up new clients and attribute this to the new understanding I had gained from the Start With You program and the resulting efforts I had expended.

You might be wondering what changed and can this happen for me, the reader.  

I learned how to attract clients that would match not only my skill set but my preferred work style.  

The structures I had learned about in the Start With You program and put into place were now bringing me the clients I wanted to work with.  It also allowed potential clients to filter themselves out if they felt they were not a match for how I chose to work.  This distinction alone was worth the price of admission to this program and the change as well as the responses have been dramatic for me.

These new work insights and their ultimate results have had a direct impact on my personal life and have given it an additional sense of clarity and fulfillment that was absent prior to the Start With You program.

If you are considering picking up the Start With You program I suggest asking yourself the following two questions:

  1. Can I afford it?
  2. Can I afford not to?

Imagine where you will be one year from now using each scenario and I believe the right answer will come to you.

The Start With You program exceeded my expectations and each exercise focused on a different attribute which helped me to refine and express my future objectives.

With immense gratitude and appreciation to the entire Start With You team for all of their efforts in putting this program together.