Carmen Noseworthy

I had so many ideas, so many things I wanted to do, that I could do. Starting and stopping my inner desires in an endless cycle for years. I felt like I was going crazy! But my inner child and dreams kept on keepin’ on, nudging me every day, relentlessly.

Frustrated with not being able to focus on any “one thing,” because I wanted to do everything, I felt totally dismayed and kept delaying my own unique spark from fully expressing and shining. But I stayed open to my mantra : “YES, actually, I can.”

Then, as life naturally does when we are open to possibilities, Start With You “came across” my attention. “How to find my True North Business” … hook, line and sinker, I had to do this.

It was definitely a challenge for me personally, mostly because I was being asked to get specific and make a choice – for me it was like asking me to choose which of my stuffy animals was my favorite … An unanswerable question.

But I kept moving forward regardless of my resistance (which was abundant) and learned how to trust the process. A valuable lesson indeed, giving me the understanding and importance of narrowing ideas down and strategically making a get started choice. Letting it unfold and allowing the action on that choice to inform our next choice.

When I finally realized who I really wanted to work with, when I discovered my True North Business, I felt like a whole new world opened up for me.

Finally! … I “got it”; I finally saw, felt and understood how my super power fulfills a need in this world that is uniquely me.

So now armed with clarity about where to start, I am heading down the highway of Trust, letting my True North Business light the way. YES! Thank You!