Juicy Title:

The Art of Inspiring People to Say Yes!



Cathy Garner

I am so grateful for the sophistication of Marisa’s teaching on layering our campaigns, rather than putting all our eggs in one basket. As well as being more effective, it appeals to my entrepreneurial need for variety. So I ran a very simple chatterbox campaign, a limited “give them what they want” campaign, and a start with an experience campaign, including a visioning webinar, followed by one to one discovery calls, which resulted in Mission Accomplished, selling two related products – my EPM group programme and hand drawn Vision Portraits, where I take the words of an individual or a couple‘ s relationship vision and draw their words into the lines and shadows of their face, so that, as they see their relationship vision looking back at themselves through their own eyes, they shift their sense of identity and their unconscious mind goes to work to make their new identity a reality. It’s a VIP offering that I’ve been underselling for several years, but I almost doubled my price and sold two, during discovery calls following on from the webinar. I also have five students (so far) in my group coaching programme, with a week to go until the cart closes. I can’t wait to begin delivering the WoW when the Art and Science of Finding Love begins next week! Thank you Marisa, Murray and your amazing team.