Juicy Title:

Psychedelic Ranger [for Hire]

XYZ Statement:

I help psychonauts get into the same room to monetize clarity from the ‘other side’

Daniel Crosser

Growing up I was super stuck in my head. I had to think through everything with meticulous detail to appease my Father who was both demanding and religious. Life decisions carried the weight of heaven or hell in the balance and consequences were not often gentle. My father practiced not only spanking, but whippings with a belt that at times drew blood.

I’m recalling now that he would whip me over the piano bench, an instrument I would later teach. Not out of pleasure as many nieve Michiganders thought (doing music 🎵 vs construction or something didn’t make sense to many Michigan folk) but out of family inertia.

Piano in our family was more an elegant way to teach discipline, ethics and morality rather than an expression of esthetic or creative beauty.

Though I benefited in many ways from this disciplinarian structure, I didn’t have much practice accessing my emotions other than through a very defined sense of pianistic expression (which my parent would often praise)

When I got to college, I dated a girl I was certain I wanted to marry. She was marvelously talented and a very deep feeler. I became disillusioned after we split (and her mother therapists me to express anger at children’s playgrounds)

After awakening at a Psychedelic Monastery in Marin in 2020, as was predicted by the Plaiedians to my Shaman Doula in 2012. I discovered I had unlocked the ‘code’ for deep feeling.

I discovered I could teach others my approach. If you’d like to learn how, the next step is a Casting Interview to see if you’re a fit to attend the next weekend event,” I Woke Up in a Psychedelic Monastery”

The biggest decision you now have to make is not Red Pill or Blue Pill, it’s the Violet Flame of Sacred Cinema.