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Inspire to ignite strategist



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I help women restart their ignition in life. I help them realize having an empty nest, being single again or having financial bliss can be the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle of freedom.

Evelyn Jackson

I signed up thinking it was going to be another wasted course, since I’ve recently spent thousands of dollars on other Coaches program. I was in for a big surprise on how this course was broken down in baby steps for me to follow. I have so many skills but couldn’t figure out what I’m suppose to be doing. It’s one of those things talented in so many fields but no confidence on which one to pick. I found my true north business in module 5, video 1, which they talk about 5 types of credibility. The story about Alexandra Franzen made me smile and that’s when it hit me, I love to write, and published 3 books, have a new blog and a few digital guide, but never knew what a copywriter was. This is my true north and i’m now joining other copywriters which I’m so excited about. Today I’m a copywriter and I know my niche, wich is older women over 40 who have to start over with a empty house and trying to prepare her for the future of ageism and creating financial wealth for her. Teaching her not to depend on anyone but herself. I’ve created a facebook group and loving it because I know who my niche market is and I know copywriting is my new business. Thank you so much for letting me find my true business and my true self.

I finally realize what i’m suppose to do! I recently had to deal with my daughter/only child telling me to find my own friends because she has to live her own life. I was devestated because i worked my whole life around her. She’s 35 and now she wants me to find my own friends and start over. I’m 55 and feel lost and I wondered was I the only one feeling this way. I recently lost my dad and I was his caregiver, so now I’m alone. I created a group for women who’s 40 and over and started asking questions about feeling lost, elderly parents, financial freedom and starting over and to my surprise I wasn’t alone. These women was dying inside and needed an outlet. I created a group called Queen Titans, wanting them to feel strong and mighty and made it a secret society where we can be ourselves without anyone judging us. This group has taken off and now we all have fun daily keeping each other going. My next goal is to have digital guides that can be downloaded for inspiration and a membership site they can join to collaborate and grow with. Start With You gave me a restart of my life and business because they took me back to my childhood to see what I loved, which was teaching until now, what I’m still doing is teaching as a brand new Copywriter/Strategist. Thank You