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Myth Maven

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I help people move thru or initiate life transitions by leveraging the power of imagination, play, archetypes, and myth.

Gabriel Ryder

“Originally, I just showed up to a one day workshop by my friend Marisa because I thought it would be cool to see what she does. I knew that anything Marisa was doing would be of quality and value, but I had no intention of creating a business. Halfway thru the workshop, however, it was becoming painfully apparent that my job — as good as it is — will never be fulfilling or draw on my true strengths. The idea of spending the rest of my days and energy meeting the demands of some company, doing something I ultimately don’t care about became unbearable. So I signed up for Message to Money Live — still no idea of what I wanted and no intention of creating a business, but I figured whatever I would learn at the event could maybe help me move into a career more aligned with my nature.

I followed all the steps in the process at the Message to Money Live event. The deeper I got into the process, the more I started re-discovering my strengths. It was occurring to me that all the skills and experience I had developed thru multiple careers and endeavors (as a teacher, healer, writer, and obsessive learner) could certainly be channeled into an impactful business. But what that business would be was not at all clear.

On the evening of the second day of the event, I began talking with a fellow attendee. She was curious about what kind of business I was developing. I was going to tell her what I had told others at the event — basically the story above — when I suddenly pivoted unconsciously and started talking about the kind of business I wanted to create with unexpected clarity. My ideas were still not fully developed but they were pouring out of me, like I was bearing my soul or something. I surprised myself, witnessing myself say these things. The woman said she got chills (in a good way, not in a creepy way) when I told her what was apparently on my mind, though I didn’t know it until it came out of my mouth just then. (She and I are still in touch and support each other. She’s currently in the Mentorship Program.)

A few days after the event, Marisa checked in with me to see how things were going. I told her I was still struggling with my business idea and was trying to figure out my next steps. She suggested I do Start With You, so I registered right away. Start With You has been mind blowing. It’s been quite a ride. It awakened all kinds of things in me, including fears and anxieties around success, and doubts as to whether I was ever going to figure out my business idea, or whether I should even be doing this at all. But the program kept me going. I never got too overwhelmed, and I was able to consistently go thru the process and take action. And I did it while working full time and dealing with health issues. In fact, when things got hard, instead of “”taking a break”” I leaned into the program more, because I knew it would move me thru the challenges.

Having finished Start With You, I have a solid idea of what my business will be, a practice client, and some clear next steps. I will also be doing EPM to keep me structured, inspired, and on target. As a creative person who wants to do and be everything, I need Marisa’s guidance to keep me on a track that will actually get me where I want to go.”