Heather Lakatos

I’ve always wanted to establish a business of my own before I retire from corporate, but what I didn’t want was yet another job! I was stuck in this push/pull “I want a business, I don’t want a business” pattern for years.

I joined Start With You to see if I could understand what my blocks were. Through the program, I learned that I was approaching my business in a very traditional, textbook sort of manner – do step 1, then step 2 and so on – with the end goal being a new income stream. What was missing from this approach – and what was ultimately my biggest block – was also factoring in the personal emotional component. Nothing I’ve read or studied in the past has talked about looking at satisfying my needs / wants / desires through establishing and running my business.

So after a huge moment of clarity, I’ve revamped how I approach my business, which has given me a laser focus on my next steps. Instead of being overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that you’re “supposed” to do to establish a business, I now have only four key activities that I need to focus on to get my business going. And those activities are very do-able things that I can easily schedule into my already busy life.