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The Mom Advisor @EducateMoms.com



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I help moms go back to college to complete their dream degree so that they can have more choices and freedom in life.

Jacklyn Alaquinez

When I was younger I dreamed of becoming an Optometrist. But after completing my bachelor’s degree, I decided I didn’t want to keep going to school. The next several years I spent pursuing different careers, and I also started a family. However, none of those careers were helping me create the life I wanted as a mom. So when my daughter was two years old I decided to go back to optometry school. The next four years were the most challenging of my life. But they were well worth it. Now I have a career I love. It gives me time and energy for my family and my passions. By completing Start with You, I discovered that my next mission is to help other moms find the same freedom.

When I began Start with You, I knew I wanted to start an online business. I had some general ideas about what I wanted to accomplish but I didn’t know where to start. I thought I was going to focus on teaching women about self-care and daily habits. About halfway through the program, I had a God moment. My business idea just came to me like a lightning bolt. In the course section about mining your past, I had written “my greatest accomplishment in life was graduating from Optometry school while my daughter was a toddler.” It became instantly clear that my purpose is to help moms get a higher education. All my life experiences have lead to this exact mission. It then seemed fate that the domain name EducateMoms.com was available! I have now published my website and am designing a goal-setting coaching program. My goal is to create and sell digital products as well.