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I'm a Thriving workplace mentor!



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I mentor Small Business Owners (with 20-50 employees) to reduce conflicts and staff turnovers by following a 3 steps process, so Their company can be much more productive.

Janick Joseph

A few years ago, I was struggling in an unhealthy workplace environment (difficult people). It was getting worse months after months. All the attempts to solve it were failing, one after the other. That was reinforcing the problems, the stress, the conflicts between employees. I was trying my best to survive, to help some colleagues until I fell…
It wasn’t someone else, it was me …down …exhausted …crying in my car on my way to work and on my way back home. I wasn’t living anymore, no more energy, no more solution, I was suffering, I was in burnout …End up at home for weeks, trying to hide, heal or understand how I got there…
And I realized that the leaders didn’t find how to really solve those problems!
So I became inspired and to created a process that will work where all the attempts failed.

Now, I make my mission to mentor business owner to lead a transformed amazing workplace, that allows people to thrive, to progress, to be productive.