Juicy Title:

I'm a 53 plus expert guide

XYZ Statement:

I train women 53+ who although have been very active, successful and meaningful feel dissatisfied with their lives. I help them to find the clarity and confidence to restart living fully in alignment with their life's purpose for the next 35 years and become the wise women the family, work and world needs them to be.

Janna Beek

I love to be at the age of 50 plus. I feel peace and more at home then ever.

I believe that my gift is to get to the heart of the issue. My superpower is renew and create. I am privileged that I had the possibility to study with the best teachers in the world. My passion is to unlock the true exceptional potential and creating real change in the live of women 53 plus, who have so much life experience, inner wisdom but asking themselves ‘who am I’, playing small and hiding from what they really are. Their struggling with their low self-esteem and their place in this world will transform in love and power when they reconnect with their inner-wisdom and their true selves. They will be the guides in our world who desperately need their wisdom.