Juliana Nahas

When I signed up for the course, I had an idea of what I wanted to venture into, but I had no way of gauging if my business idea had potential to generate money and be a viable enterprise. I was also burning the candle at both ends in my current business, and quickly running out of steam to put my idea to the test.

I had contemplated this idea for many years, but was faced with confusion and indecision as to how to begin marketing and offering it. I was uncertain about the content to include in my offer. I still have more work ahead to build my offer, but at least I know what I am doing now, instead of hesitating and waffling.

I realized that I had all these altruistic goals, but secretly, I also had a strong need to balance my personal and free time, as well as creating work that would challenge me and stimulate me intellectually.

With the Start with You processes, I was able to fine tune my pie -in -the- sky ideas, and ground them into small steps that I can implement to transition into my calling. I am clearer now about my zone of genius, and my branding, and can start to put the pieces together in a much more cohesive fashion than before, so I can be of service and still enjoy my freedom.

The Start With You course has given me valuable insight to prioritize and balance my personal life with my life’s work. I am grateful and happy to have renewed clarity and focus on my next steps and direction.