Kymberly Johnson

I signed up for Start With You, consciously stating this was a last ditch effort.  I have been coaching leaders, business owners, artists, writers, engineers, corporate trainers and more for the last 18 years, never having marketed myself nor chosen a niche.  Fact is, I’ve been niche averse.  Over the last 5-6 years I have spent thousands of dollars that I didn’t have (and am still paying loans on) to choose a business direction that would rekindle my own waning coaching fire.  I’ve been searching for my next “sweet spot” and just not finding it.  I’ve felt ashamed to have gone into debt in attending a year long mentorship program with a business mentor I actually lost respect for as I witnessed how she ‘coached’ some of her mentees.  I hate it when people manipulate people to make a sale or prove a point. I hate it!

I have joined programs and not completed them. I committed to Start With You like I have never committed to another program. Do or die….. Pick a chosen business direction and go for it! Marisa inspires me.  Her clarity of speaking and presenting is easy to listen and learn from. I get it, in between the lines, that she’s spiritual and perhaps has a specific practice.  She’s brilliant in bringing history, current trends. old and new knowledge, humor and often a special twist to what she shares. I love the quality of her curiosity and ability to madly create wonderful, beautifully unfolding processes that add multiple dimensions to the learning journey.

For this program, for now, I have chosen a niche.  It may not be my niche for all time, but the fact I chose one and did all the work around it is huge for me. I am finally in action around it.  My dad’s motto was “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” So at least my horse is in the lane now, moving where I guide it.

Today my True North Business niche is helping successful professionals whose fulfillment in their work has fizzled. Re-ignite their aliveness and help them to create a meaningful work environment. I do this so they can be who and what they’re called to be. Helping them to be engaged in life with what matters most.

I sense I’m not quite in my sweet spot yet. I will begin here and keeping moving and course correcting as I go. Funny thing, this business niche is where I am personally stuck as well……. Imagine that!

The process works…. I’m just a hard one to pin down. Thank you for a beautiful program and an inspiring journey. I need no other process to work with……..I will keep tuning and fine tuning, with all that you have given, and down the road I go!

With extreme gratitude….