Liz Yang

For years, I had been feeling stuck around my purpose and the work I was meant to be doing in the world.

What is it that makes me different and unique from everyone else who’s doing something similar to what I want to do? How can I explain what I do in such a way that someone could instantly recognize that I could help them?

I knew I had a purpose, but I wasn’t able to connect the dots between my experiences, skills and passions in a way that gave me clarity about exactly what I was here to do, what set me apart from everyone else and why it mattered.

Even after going through countless books, courses, personality assessments and coaches, I was still stuck. I felt like the answers were right under my nose, there was something there, but I just couldn’t quite grasp it.

When I first discovered Start With You, I was intrigued and a bit skeptical. I had felt frustrated for so long that I almost didn’t want to get my hopes up to be disappointed again. Was it possible for me to finally find the answers I was looking for?

I decided to join the program and give it a shot. As soon as I started doing the work, I began feeling hopeful again. Marisa has the brilliant ability to break down complex concepts and make them super simple and easy to understand.

My favorite part of the program is that each training has time built in for you to complete the exercise before moving on to the the next step. It was like magic to see my answers unfolding as I progressed through the training.

Now that I’ve completed the program, I am able to look back and see how all the pieces of my story, experiences and passions fit together to fuel the work I’m here to do. Start With You has given me the ability to move forward in my business with clarity and confidence in a way I wasn’t able to do before.