Juicy Title:

There is hope.



XYZ Statement:

I help adults and at risk youth diagnosed with mental disorders to go from losing hope to taking charge of their mental health by helping them navigate through the conventional mental health system, and as they implement holistic approaches including the ketogenic diet.


As a psych Nurse, I went from being diagnosed with “antidepressant induced bipolar disorder” and prescribed multiple psychiatric medications, to reversing that condition. I was told my condition was “chronic and lifelong” and I would have to “take psychiatric medications for life”. I did not want to believe this fate for myself or my clients.

Through metabolic therapies and holistic lifestyle interventions, I put my condition into remission after 13 years of an awful nightmare. In the 7-year journey of implementing holistic approaches, I gained back my own mental clarity, creativity, vitality, improved mood/energy, hormonal balance, and an inner sense of aliveness.

Also, I’m so grateful for a renewed sense of vision, and purpose, in taking charge of my own mental health and helping others do the same. Through this process I have found something of value to offer to my clients.