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I'm a Broker of Change


www.HRLinks.net (not 100% done yet)

XYZ Statement:

I turn managers into change Leaders. I help them to stand up from the chaos that comes with complex change, and build a Done with You Blueprint to guide their teams to embrace collaboration and trust so that they can achieve systematic, effective and successful change in their business.

Lien Els

This was not a journey of blood and tears, but it wasn’t easy either. While both my daughter and I were knee-deep in consulting work in Denmark, London and Barcelona, I had to finish my EPM course without falling behind, and work on my business and course to be launched. At the same time I was keeping pace with Ryan Leveque’s Bootcamp on Bootcamp High Ticket course as part of my one year coaching contract. It was tough and it still is, but I’ve learned to be more confident with technology, marketing, and designing a future-fit course even the Alva Generation will be satisfied with.

Somehow I saw Marisa’s joy to share what she knows and enjoys about teaching and my heart stopped beating in my throat. I was on an Arabic carpet flying through space telling everyone about my awesome experience and all the things I’m learning. I could not get enough. A whole world opened for me and I started to design a course called Navigating Change. Why I picked the most difficult topic I wouldn’t know, but with EPM everything looked simple and quick to get done. Was it that easy? No, but pleasant and super interesting!

Here I am. Grateful and filled with ideas and excitement. This is not the last of me and EPM. I will start to revisit all the modules, but not at the same pace. Rinse and repeat is my philosophy. There’s always more to discover and uncover of what is still dormant. But for now, Mission Accomplished!

Thank you Marisa and Team