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I am a Financial Alchemist Strategist

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I help women with fear and anxiety about the stock market to make their first investment and start earning monthly dividends sot they can get ahead of the money game with my Thriving and Free program in 4 weeks of less

Rebeca Lopez

I dedicated the last 20 some years to look after my kids after a hard divorce, put out fires, lived in surviving mode re-inventing myself many times over and trying and setting up many different businesses, only to realized that I didn’t have enough for retirement and to truly look after myself, so I became a little bit of a Jack of all trades. The blessing is my versatility and grasp of so many different trades and how adaptable I had become, the course was not to be able to focus in one single thing, until I made the decision to Thrive and be free, financially free, so I used my acquired knowledge of money management and investing to not only help myself, but now help others do the same so they don’t have to make the mistakes I made and so they can start much earlier in live