Juicy Title:

Super Sexy Sales Man



XYZ Statement:

I’m a Super Sexy Sales Man and I help other sales people become super and sexy too so they can express they’re super-sexiness.

“Marisa helped me through the steps to find clarity on approaching my True North Business”

Marvin Towler

“I have been taking course after course, hoping and believing that this one will be the one that will change everything for me… that it will bring that missing piece of the puzzle so that my business will start to make sense and fly!

Through Start With You I discovered exactly what that piece was, and it wasn’t at all what I thought.

The problem was all about grounding, or in my case, not grounding. I was putting focus and energy to communicate my innovative process but not so much the result. While this concept was known to me, it was the way Marisa led us into seeing the big picture and the nuts and bolts, that finally something clicked. I became aware of what was not working and how to fix it. I was also surprised to see how these things needed only small but critical tweaks. The way I look now at copy changed forever because I recognize the engineering and logic behind it, in a way I haven’t before.

Another vital thing I realized how not using my powers in-everything-I-do means leaving behind and letting down the people that need this the most, and also stealing my own joy.

My playfulness is not anymore a “nice and fun to have” but a must ingredient, to which I am now committed to.

This is how I’m going to attract my clients, and this is what I will guide them to do. And although this has been my idea and plan all along, it now has a new twist and a newly redefined purpose:
“I mentor brilliant women entrepreneurs who are tired and fed up of being unexpressed, overlooked and undervalued, how to express on an ongoing basis their colorful identity and make an impact by expanding the limits of their creativity.”

The result? Their authenticity on steroids, a personal brand unconventional in their niche, their authority unquestionable, and their audience inspired, engaged, committed and buying from them.”

I’m looking forward to serve as their Creative Director, Personal Brand Architect and Colorful Content Storyteller.