Juicy Title:

Marketing Engineer



XYZ Statement:

I help contractors develop a plan to reach their past and future customers so that even the slow times bring in money AND they have more free time to spend with the people at home.

Andrea Haverinen

Here’s the thing. I’ve been in Marisa’s community for a long time. Superhero Summits, anyone?

Hi, I’m a Marketing Engineer and my name is Andrea. I help contractors develop a plan to reach their past and future customers. This way even in the slow times they bring in money AND have more free time to spend with the people at home.

Know a contractor who needs my help? I’d appreciate an introduction.

I signed up for Start With You at the very last minute. I was NOT going to spend any more money on my business [slash] self development until I figured some stuff out. I was so frustrated with suggestions from others, with spinning my wheels on the same things – WHAT do I want to do? What do I want to do? What do I WANT to do?

I officially registered my business in 2013. I’ve done ideal client work, business management work and strategic planning. I love my work but as an Engineer archetype, I’d gotten stuck in the really, really deep rut of accepting any type of project that would pay me. Until I got frustrated and decided to take vacation during the month of August. I made 3 trips to Michigan where I hardly checked my email, and sat in a swing by the lake with my phone off – no service, so what was the point!?

I watched the emails come in announcing Start With You, and figured – nah – not for me. Not buying another program. Not spending another dime. Yet the suggestion niggled at me in the night. On the last week of the Start With You launch, I received a call.

On Friday I signed up.

Then took the weekend off.

Starting from the first laser coaching call, I was days behind. I struggled to catch up. I wanted to add more of the Artist in me into my work – do I quit what I’m doing altogether, or is there a way to incorporation my current work and love it more? To not only focus on financial gain, but also lifestyle and variety (my 3 primary motivations?)

What worked for me is the combination of two things: my Intrinsic Why – my business allows me to feel alive, excited, and lost in a project; unaware that time exists. My Superpower Statement – I help people get their spunk back so they can take life-changing action. Now, when I look at the types of work I’m doing, they must fit both of these. And I will be much more satisfied.

I was supposed to be in the graduating class of the Experience Product Masterclass of 2016. I did the work, turned it in, and missed reaching Mission Accomplished. I’ve never felt like such a failure before. Seriously, I’m an overachiever.

Now, with my 15% pivot, I’m ready to do the work again and produce a different result. I’m more excited to get the final result this time around, and I can’t wait to incorporate more of my Artist self (doing the things that I love) into my work.

I have my goals set for the next 90 days, and overall goals for the next 12 months. They’re ambitious.

I’m excited. I can’t wait to get started!