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Invisibility of Being Old - Championing New Models of Aging



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I help Boomers & Retirees overcome the feelings of being irrelevant and unseen. I help them design a plan to Thrive in unRetirement so they can live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.

Dottie Hager

After going through a divorce in 1992, I felt a lot of shame and guilt – “I’ve ruined my kids life.”  As a principal I knew what happened to children of divorced families.  I was embarrassed that the families in my school would lose confidence in me since I couldn’t even keep my family together, how could I lead a school effectively. I came across Debbie Ford’s Dark Side of the Light Chaser’s book.  I couldn’t tell enough people about it.  I did book studies at church and any other places people would let me.  I learned about Debbie’s Shadow Process conference in San Diego.  I rounded up 3 friends to go with me. It was transformative, it changed my life. It freed me from my hopeless thoughts.  I needed more.  I needed to help others free themselves of the chains that bound them.  Debbie had a coaching certification program.  It was what I had to do. I became passionate about coaching. I was hooked.  I fell in love. My world changed, I was a different person. I found joy, freedom and acceptance that I hadn’t known. I learned how to use the darkness in life to bring hope.  I loved the difference I could make in the people I coached. Coaching taught me how to help others design a life of their dreams and help remove obstacles that hold them back. I saw what coaching could do. The transformations were amazing.  

I retired.  

Finally, the time came to create my dream – a coaching business. I had no idea how.  

Just like so many people who retire, I had no idea how to begin.  I was a step ahead, I did know I wanted to coach.  Many retirees have no idea what they want to do.  I thought I would be able to start my business and people would come.  I never realized that people weren’t going to turn over the hard earned cash if they didn’t know and trust me.  

Furthermore, I had no idea what it took to have an online business, to be an entrepreneur.  I was treading in unknown territory.  

My faith is strong.  Knowing when you ask, you receive answers.  My prayers were to show me how to build a coaching business, have clients and a steady income.  I was open to receive and willing to be led.  

I followed the messages:

  • I received an email asking if I wanted to build a coaching business and have clients.  Join Sage Lavine for a telesummit.  I had no idea what that was, but I followed.  
  • I created a telesummit, Living Free From the Pain of Divorce. Most of the experts on the summit had products, programs and books. I had none.
  • I wrote a book, Making Your Dreams Come True, a 21-day Journey to Your Higher Self.  
  • I followed the next lead – Marie Forleo’s B-School.  Her 6 pillars of how to create an online business.  
  • I learned I had to communicate consistently so potential clients would begin to know me, trust me, and see if I resonated with what they needed.  I began sending daily inspirational tips, then twice a month blog, and now I do it weekly.  
  • Finally, I was able to coach.  My program was Live Your Best Life based on Debbie Ford’s work. 
  • I created courses.  Sadly, not much traction.  I realized when you market to everyone, you market to no one.  

I had to find my niche.

I found it!!!