Linnie O'Flanagan

The beginning of this year was extremely stressful. My office manager of 6 years left, at the same time we were launching a new business. I had a lot of difficulty finding the right personnel, and I was working seven days a week to keep up. I started to feel trapped by my own trappings. I questioned why I was working so hard, and why it was such a struggle for me to continue to do what I thought was important.

My husband and I had spent the past 10 years creating a beautiful wellness center and built our sustainable dream home on the river. And though both projects were quite successful, we had not gone on a real vacation for 8 years. And we weren’t seeing friends and family, anywhere near as much as we thought we would be.

So daily, I would open my arms to the Heavens and say “I’m open. I am willing to let go of everything I have created. Just let me know what I am supposed to do.”

On a beautiful day in Spring, the time of vision and creativity, I had an epiphany. I realized that I could have more quality time with the people I love, by creating a more relaxed and flexible lifestyle, living where I felt most at home. I began to feel a strong calling in my heart to leave my well-established, successful Chinese medicine practice in Northern California, to return to Hawai’i, and to pursue my vision of shifting people from seeking to be healed, to healing themselves, by helping them align with the Divine and fulfill their destiny.

In a matter of weeks, and after an amazing turn of events, we bought land on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. We put our house on the market and started preparing to move, not knowing how any of this was going to work out. Everything hinges on selling our house, and I need my income to be stable until it does.

There’s so much to figure out! When you have regular clientele, depending on you for their health, and you don’t have a specific timeline, when do you tell them you are leaving? When do you tell staff? How do you get the new business going, while still operating the other? What did I really want? How do I want to live? How do I make sure I don’t create another trap for myself?

In the midsts of all this, I signed up for Start With You. It has been difficult for me, because I’m an altruist. But I knew I needed to answer these questions before embarking on the next journey. I knew that starting with looking at myself, my needs and desires was the only way I was going to be truly successful. I needed to do this part of the work in order to get unstuck. It seemed like I was going in circles in my head as a method of self-preservation. I needed to make sure what I was moving forward with was right for me, first. Before determining my target audience and my offerings.

Even though it was a lot to add to my already full plate, this program also helped me get on top of the overwhelm, by giving systematic ways of planning and strategizing. And by the end, I had two target audiences, and enough of a plan to get started on my True North Business!

Thanks Marisa and the team!

Linnie O’Flanagan, L.Ac.

Meridians in Motion